Amazon's Ratings and Diversity Score

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Gender Exclusionary Executive TeamRacially Exclusionary Executive Team
CEO: Jeff Bezos (Male - White) Edit
  • Annual Comp: $2,827,551,830
  • Stock: 55,488,768 Shares

  • CEO of Worldwide Consumer: Jeff Wilke (Male - White) Edit Delete
    CEO of Amazon Web Services: Andy Jassy (Male - White) Edit Delete
    SVP, business and corporate development: Jeff Blackburn (Male - White) Edit Delete
    SVP, Amazon devices, digital management: Dave Limp (Male - White) Edit Delete
    SVP & CFO: Brian Olsavsky (Male - White) Edit Delete
    SVP & general counsel: David Zapolsky (Male - White) Edit Delete
    SVP, human resources: Beth Galetti (Female - White) Edit Delete
    SVP, corporate affairs: Jay Carney (Male - White) Edit Delete
    VP Technical Advisor to CEO: Wei Gao (Female - East Asian) Edit Delete
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