The Home Depot's Ratings and Diversity Score

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Gender Exclusionary Executive TeamRacially Inclusive Executive Team
CEO: Craig Menear (Male - White) Edit
  • Annual Comp: $33,300,442
  • Stock: 916,355 Shares

  • EVP, US Stores: Ann-Marie Campbell (Female - Black) Edit Delete
    EVP & CIO: Matt Carey (Male - White) Edit Delete
    EVP, Merchandising: Ted Decker (Male - White) Edit Delete
    EVP, Supply Chain & Product Development: Mark Holifield (Male - White) Edit Delete
    EVP, Human Resources: Tim Hourigan (Male - White) Edit Delete
    President - Canada: Jeff Kennard (Male - White) Edit Delete
    EVP, Outside Sales & Service: Bill Lenine (Male - White) Edit Delete
    CFO & EVP: Richard McPhail (Male - White) Edit Delete
    EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary: Teresa Wynn Roseborough (Female - Black) Edit Delete
    President, Mexico: Jose Rodriguez (Male - Hispanic/Latinx) Edit Delete
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