MEDITECH's Ratings and Diversity Score

3.0 (1 rating)
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Gender Inclusive Executive TeamRacially Exclusionary Executive Team
CEO: Howard Messing (Male - White) Edit
  • Annual Comp: $457,584
  • Stock: 405,000 Shares

  • President and COO: Michelle O'Connor (Female - White) Edit Delete
    CFO: Barbara Manzolillo (Female - White) Edit Delete
    Executive Vice President: Hoda Sayed-Friel (Female - Middle Eastern) Edit Delete
    Executive Vice President: Helen Waters (Female - White) Edit Delete
    SVP, Client Services: Steven Koretz (Male - White) Edit Delete
    SVP, System Technology: Chris Anschuetz (Male - White) Edit Delete
    VP, Client Servies: Leah Farina (Female - Hispanic/Latinx) Edit Delete
    VP, Client Servies: Carol Labadini (Female - White) Edit Delete
    VP, Advanced Technology: Scott Radner (Male - White) Edit Delete
    VP, Product Development: Geoff Smith (Male - White) Edit Delete
    Chief Accounting Officer: Jim Merlin (Male - White) Edit Delete
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    Very Out-Moded

    Pros: The diversity of employees was phenomenal. There was a lot of job security.

    Cons: People were treated as commodities, given little opportunity to grow careers that could go beyond MEDITECH's walls. People are underpaid and given titles that are far more junior than the titles of peers in other companies.

    Reviewer felt included.


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